photoset of sept. 26, 2016





today was grey and cool. i worked from home for a few hours. i had black beans and scrambled eggs for breakfast. delicious, it was. r was at work but i wish he could’ve had some. maybe tomorrow. for dinner we had beans + veggies, rice and mashed potatoes. trying not to eat so much empty food, like starch and sugar. trying to bring more plant-based food to the table. also trying to cut back on the cigarettes. omg it’s the fucking worst. my addiction is overwhelming most days and i don’t know what to make of it. am i weak-minded to self-indulgence or am i simply a witness of my own human folly? i am depressed by the day. on and off but you know, mostly on. black people are dying and it makes me sad, angry… helpless. i feel like a lost fish coming up on a big, whiteshark.





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